We offer beautiful mountain/ocean view 4 bed dorm cabanas are

35,000 pesos/night.

Loft Private:

Double bed for two in the loft of a dorm cabana.  This space is semi private with beautiful views of the mountains and Caribbean Sea.  Perfect for the budget traveller.

80,000 pesos/night.

Indigenous Hut:

A traditional indigenous hut that was built by the Wiwa Tribe.  This space offers a double bed, privacy, and amazing views of the mountains and Caribbean Sea.

130,000 pesos/night


We are always in search of talented volunteers.  If interested please contact us through Facebook or visit us on workaway.com!  Come to teach, come to be taught!

Local Attractions

Plant medicine is an important part of our way of life.  We work with a variety of different medicines and host ceremonies including Ayahuasca and Kambo Frog Medicine.  Please contact us through Facebook or email for plant medicine ceremony dates, pricing, and further information.

Lost City Trek

Explore the ancient city of The Tayrona!  Although the ancient trails to this lost city pass just along the farm, you will need to book this tour in advance.


Our vision is to offer travelers/backpackers a new and different environment.  We have created a space for those who have hit "rock bottom" or just in search for a different way of life.  We are an alcohol free farm!  We welcome those who are wanting time to think, discover themselves, discover new talents, or improve old talents.  "A creative space!"  We work with and offer a variety of plant medicines and hold ceremonies on a regular basis.  Permaculture, yoga, meditation, and plant medicine is our way of life and we welcome you to come and take part.


Our mission is to create a space that people can use to auto-discover themselves.  We strive to provide a safe space outside the stress and demands of society and everyday life allowing people to find their balance within. 


Indigenous Hikes and Waterfalls

Surrounding the farm are multiple indigenous trails that lead take you on a jungle adventure to lost and found waterfalls!

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