Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space.  Cacao ceremonies are held on a regular basis and is a time we use to celebrate and unite our hearts as a community.  Cacao ceremonies typically start around 8pm and involve music, dancing, and other group activities allowing us to open our hearts in unity.




We offer beautiful mountain/ocean view 4 bed dorm cabanas are

80,000 pesos/night.

Loft Private:

Double bed for two in the loft of a dorm cabana.  This space is semi private with beautiful views of the mountains and Caribbean Sea.  Perfect for the budget traveller.

160,000/ pesos/night.  PRICE FOR TWO PEOPLE

Indigenous Hut:

A traditional indigenous hut that was built by the Wiwa Tribe.  This space offers a double bed, privacy, and amazing views of the mountains and Caribbean Sea.

180,000 pesos/night  PRICE FOR TWO PEOPLE


We are always in search of talented volunteers.  As a volunteer you have the opportunity to learn the ways of a concious living community.  Volunteers are asked to work five hours per day at five days a week.  We don't work volunteers full days in order that they have time to focus on themselves and partake in the enjoyment of other things on the farm.  With this part time work we give volunteers a discounted price of 25,000 pesos/day.  Volunteers also recieve the benefit of discounted prices on retreats and events we host.  Volunteers are required to work a minimum stay of two weeks with option of extension.  If interested please contact us through Facebook.  Come to teach, come to be taught!




Although tobacco is widely misused these days, here at Aloha we hold this plant very sacredly.  Working with a variety of different medicines made from tobacco we offer purges, communication tools, and a medicine to clear the minds thoughts to ground in meditation, 


Indigenous Hikes and Waterfalls

Surrounding the farm are multiple indigenous trails that lead take you on a jungle adventure to lost and found waterfalls!

Our mission is to create a space that people can use to auto-discover themselves.  We strive to provide a safe space outside the stress and demands of society and everyday life allowing people to find their balance within. 

Local Attractions

Above all we are a community growing and learning to live in balance with Mother Earth.  To reserve the energy of our farm we ask for guest to stay a minimum of five nights.  This allows us to get to know all who come to visit us on a personal level, showing who we are and our purpose.   We welcome those who are wanting time to think, discover themselves, discover new talents, or improve old talents.  "A creative space!" We offer yoga, meditation, Kambo Frog Medicine, and other community activities on a daily basis.  For detailed information on upcoming events please visit us on FB under the "EVENTS" tab.  

Lost City Trek

Explore the ancient city of The Tayrona!  Bookings for the lost city must be done directly through the tour company.  We reccomend Wiwa Tours.

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Kambo has a range of traditional and potential therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. Commonly described as an ‘ordeal medicine’, the secretion is known for its powerful emetic or purgative effects. Despite its initial unpleasantness, Kambo is widely sought out to revitalize body and mind.

Offered daily 150,000 COP/Session.

Kambo retreats are offered several times per year allowing guest to partake in 3 sessions of kambo over the course of 7 days.


Ayahuasca ceremonies are only available during one of our Sacred Medicine Retreats which are held several times throughout the year.  These retreats combine two ceremonies of ayahuasca, one ceremony of Kambo, self growth workshop (Purpose Spark), women and men's circles, live music, along with many other beautiful activites.