Aloha Ke Akua is an intentional community rooted in the principles of permaculture, creating opportunities for physical, mental and emotional growth through retreats, events and immersive experiences. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern Colombia, our place boasts a breath-taking view overlooking the sweeping mountains, down to the coast and as far as the eye can see.


Our community is a diverse collective co-creating a shared vision, whilst celebrating individuality. Stay with us as a guest or volunteer and experience community life in the jungle.

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The Farm

Our farm strives to cultivate food self-sufficiency, while maintaining a harmonious and regenerative connection to the earth.

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We offer unique experiences designed to nurture personal empowerment, exploration and expansion. Join us for one of our many transformational events!

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Community Experience

Nov 30th - Dec 5th

Enjoy 6 days (5 nights) of daily sunrise Yoga and meditation, intro to living Permaculture, nutritional community cooking, sharing circles (men´s and women´s circles), herb baths, jungle mud baths, cacao ceremony, exploration of neighbor farms, waterfall hike, fire and music etc.

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Permaculture Experience

Dec 11th -17th

Come and live Permaculture in a different way in our community setting. In this 7 day (6 nights) event you will be introduced to Permaculture theory and design through classes and practical integration. Workshops include permaculture philosophy and design principles,etc.

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Community Solstice

December 20th - 26th

You want to celebrate Christmas with a soul family? Join our community for these days. Apart from being part of several community activities, you have the opportunity to take part in daily sunrise Yoga and meditation, our solstice sharing circle and new moon intention setting with Cacao.

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Retreat and Event Space

With the completion of our beautiful temple comes the opportunity for us to host retreats run solely by, or in conjunction, with external providers. Packages can be tailored to your needs and desires and can include a combination of activities offered by us.

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